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27 Mar 2007 - Gruul down

There once was a boss called Gruul
Who had a big problem with drool
His shatter was nerfed
He became part of the turf
And that was the end of his rule.

Bring on Serpentshrine Cavern!

22 Mar 2007 - Infamy wants you!

Infamy is after:

1 x Shadow Priest
1 x Enhancement Shaman
1 x Affliction Warlock
1 x Holy Paladin

to join our raiding party, we also *may* be looking for a hunter.
We raid 4 times a week on Monday, Wednesday(alternating with Thursday weekly) and Friday night at 8pm Eastern Australian Standard Time AND on Sunday at 1pm EAST.

We have cleared Karazhan and Gruul's Lair and are close to begin tackling Serpentshrine Caverns.

So if you believe you have what it takes, read our guild charter and application guidelines and post an application. Our illustrous leaders will contact you shortly thereafter.

18 Mar 2007 - Karazhan Cleared!

The previous weeks attempt had bestowed with me great confidence that we would end the suffering of Nightbane.

So with a hearty meal downed and funky coloured pots drunk, we strolled on to the Master's Terrace and met this undead monstrosity.

This was the result of our first shot.

Congratulations to all of Infamy for clearing Karazhan!!!

Grats to Stormyknight for getting his hands on [item]Shield of Impenetrable Darkness[/item].
Both groups got to Nightbane this week with one group coming agonizingly close to slaying this undead dragon.  I'm sure this time next week he will be no more.

We had our first real session on Gruul which was good experience for all.

It was a pretty good week for Infamy.

HK Maulgar down and both Karazhan groups killed Netherspite with one group attempting Nightbane.

It was a week for weapons as [item]Gorehowl[/item], [item]Legacy[/item] and [item]Nathrezim Mindblade[/item] all dropping.

Hopefully Nightbane will meet his doom this coming week!

Well not really.

Netherspite down.

Loots including [item]Cowl of Defiance[/item] & [item]Earthblood Chestguard[/item]
We paid Prince Malchezaar another visit.

Three words.

Veni Vidi Vici

Loots being: [item]Helm of the Fallen Champion[/item], [item]Malchazeen[/item] and [item]Ring of a Thousand Marks[/item].
So what do you do if you (Gundalf) are forced into marriage with one, not to be named, female dwarf priest (Delibot)?

You meet the inlaws.

After getting the cold shoulder on our first venture to HK Maulgar, our second visit to Delibot's immediate family saw the proverbial ugly team taken down after a few goes.

Grats to Stormyknight for his new [item]Warbringer Shoulderguards[/item] and Kiel for his [item]Maulgar's Warhelm[/item].
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