Madness? This Is Infamy!

Heroic: Iron Qon 24.06.13

Congrats Infamy on killing H:Iron Qon and achieving 5/13H

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Heroic: Horridon 06.06.13

Grats to everyone on this kill!

Was a relatively painless heroic to learn and execute, great work!

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Heroic: Tortos 03.06.13

Congratulations to everyone on this kill! You all did amazing to keep at it until we finally got there

A big special thank you to Xod and Oppu for changing roles and/or toons to get the job done. Also to Weaz for sticking around to see it through

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Heroic: Ji-Kun 02.05.13

Good job everyone!

Special mention to Xod who gave up much of his spare time to sort out the spreadsheet and our strat. As always Xod, /hats off

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Heroic: Jin-Rokh 25.04.13

Infamys first tier 15 heroic boss kill!

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Lei Shen down!

Congratulations to everyone on getting Lei Shen down!

Next Stop: Heroics!

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Heroic: Garalon 18.02.13

We punched him.




bug nuts

Fantastic Job everyone! It was one of those epic kills. :>

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Heroic: Spirit Kings 14.02.12

Smashed these guys after only 1 night of attempts....Our humble Valentines gift to the Kings.

Amazing work everyone!

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